We believe that it's possible to achieve optimum mobility with minimal environmental impact.

Guaranteed, on-demand mobility whenever and wherever you need it.


BMW i3

- Fully-electric
- On-demand mobility in proximity to hubs
- Expanding hubs to other Dutch cities


Self-driving BMW i3

- SAE level 4 automation
- Cars redistribute at night, at slow speeds, in bus lanes
- Expanding hubs to others cities in NL, Europe and elsewhere


Self-driving Amber One

- SAE level 5 automation
- Designed to be shared
- Replaces need to own a car

Amber is working with development partners TomTom, KPN, NVIDIA, Microsoft, and the local Dutch municipalities of Eindhoven and Helmond to be the first in the world to implement self-driving cars for commercial use in 2018.

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Designed to be shared


700 kg


400 km

Long lifespan

15 years


1.5M km

Why this car?

Cars today aren’t designed to be shared – they’re designed to be owned. 90% of the time, our cars end up standing still. A car used in a car sharing platform needs to withstand heavy daily use from many different drivers, but current cars just don't measure up. The Amber One is a reliable, lightweight, modular, long-range electric vehicle that meets the requirements for the future of mobility.

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