Amber is growing

The company is growing rapidly. Why? We work together with quirky, slightly arrogant but super result-oriented colleagues. Together, we work hard to get more and more people to start using Amber. And once they have tried it, we know that they will stay with us. That is because we ALWAYS keep our promises: 100% ride guarantee, 100% electric, 100% hassle-free. And we go very far to achieve that. Do you want to join us? Would you like to help Amber become the largest in the business shared car market, as soon as possible? If so, check out this video of our COO, Joep. He tells you what Amber stands for and what is important to us at Amber. He tells you about our core values, etc.

Do you want to apply directly? That is possible. Take a quick look to see if there is a vacancy available for you. If there is no suitable position listed, you can send us an email inquiring about any other job openings. Note: we like to be surprised, so we always appreciate a video or a special message!


Do you want to get on board with us? We are always looking for colleagues who:

Going against the stream

Think sharing = better


First feeling