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information about driving an Amber.

The instruction videos show you how the app and the car work. With the short explanation you can, at a glance,
see how you can quickly drive off in an Amber. The user manual is a complete description of the car.

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The top 5 questions of the week

1. I want to keep my ‘own’ car when driving from hub to hub. Would that be possible?

We know what you mean. Sharing cars is about making sure that the cars are used as efficiently as possible. This ensures that we can provide transport for as many users as possible. We usually try to have you drive the same Amber on the outward and return journeys, but that is not always possible. Therefore, always remove all personal belongings from the car at the end of the trip.


2. How do I know if my car is switched on?

It's an electric car, so you can't hear it! If you see the screen lit up, you know that it is on. When the Amber is switched off, the screen is blank, or it says 'off' in the screen. You start the Amber by putting your foot on the brake pedal. Then you put the car in 'Drive'. The vehicle will not start if one of the doors is open, or if the car is in ‘Park’.


3. I want to take a car home in the evening so I can drive straight home from an appointment at the end of the day. Is that an option?

Sure, no problem at all.  Just make sure you check the company rules about this situation. 


4. What do I do at the end of my booking at a hub?

If you park the Amber and lock it on a hub, you can end the trip, or extend it for 30 minutes, at least if you want to continue driving afterwards. After 30 minutes, the trip will automatically end.


5. The range of the car is not big enough. What should I do?

You can fast-charge the car at Fastned stations along the motorway. Check the Fastned app for the locations. Many hotels also have a fast charger, especially hotels along the motorway. You can find all the charging stations in the NewMotion. Fast charging is one option, but another commonly used option is to charge the Amber on location at your appointment so that the car will be ready for you again after the appointment. Then you will be ready to go!