From Eindhoven to Amsterdam and from Amersfoort to Rotterdam, all major Dutch cities have an Amber hub. Later this year, hubs can be found in all Dutch provinces. A hub consists of one or more charging stations where an Amber can be picked up and returned, but you can also use them to only charge the car. We have Fleet Operators working at all our Amber hubs. They pick up and deliver Ambers, keep the Ambers clean and make sure there is always a 'fresh' Amber ready for you. Would you like a demonstration? Our fleet operators will be happy to explain how to drive an Amber.

An Amber hub can be located in a customer's parking garage. More and more customers are choosing public hubs. All Amber drivers can go to public hubs to collect, return and charge an Amber!

The green dots are our current public hubs.

You want to drive an Amber but there is no (public) hub in the area? In that case, you can start your own hub in two easy steps. Register your employer/ yourself at Amber!